Due to the increasing demand for cranes in construction and other industries, the crane industry is likely to grow. As a result, businesses that need to rent out cranes will have many companies to choose from. Cranes are so critical to modern society that it would be impossible for the construction industry, in particular, to do their jobs without these lifting tools. These towering tools are used for more than building, however. Uses of these towering tools go beyond basic construction, though. 

Here, your reliable crane rental company shares some industries that require some crane work:

Residential and Commercial Construction

The most common use for cranes is for construction projects. The earliest cranes were hand-cranked and didn’t have a motorized power source. They would be used to move heavy building materials around a construction site as the building was being built. Cranes are typically used during this phase of a construction project to move materials like concrete and steel. 

Public Construction

Various governments require that heavy materials and equipment be moved as part of projects such as roadways. The construction process requires a tremendous amount of manpower and machinery labor. Roads, bridges, and dams are built using cranes and heavy machinery. Cranes are used to move large pieces of concrete, steel, and machinery to the construction site.


Some cranes have been used to construct large telecommunications towers. These towers often have to be moved to a different location, and this is where cranes are necessary for the job.


Cranes are used to move steel beams and girders through a steel mill. Rather than using a single crane to move these heavy, bulky items, a pulley system is utilized. The pulley system allows the crane to be moved to a different position as it carries the load. This allows the crane to move to another place without moving the load.

HVAC and Other Mechanical Structures

Cranes are used to move air conditioning units to the inside of buildings and move elevators up and down in large buildings. These tasks require a large amount of manpower and special equipment. Cranes are used to move these items up to five stories high.

Power Generation

The construction of power plants is an enormous industry in itself. Cranes are used to assemble the parts needed to build the power plants. The parts must be transported to the power plants, where the cranes are used to assemble the units. After the units are completed, the cranes are used to lift them into place.

Shipping and Storage

Shipping crates are often made of wood, which can be heavy and difficult to move. Large cranes are used to move and lift these crates onto trucks for delivery. Cranes are used to move large, heavy boxes and other items in storage facilities.


It’s easy to see how cranes are used for a variety of purposes and industries. Equally so, the demand for cranes continues to grow. As a result, there will be a lot of competition among crane businesses. As long as there continues to be a demand for cranes, the need for crane companies will increase. That also means you should be careful in choosing the crane company that you’ll hire for your project. 

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