Transporting heavy haul can be a nightmare if you don’t have the
right transportation partner on your side. Hook 4 Hire is an expert in
managing oversized and overweight cargo, thanks to our fleet of 3-line,
4-line, and 6-line trailers, power packs, and goosenecks. Our experts
explore your requirements and analyze your cargo before recommending a plan. That’s what makes us a reliable choice as we customize crane
rental solutions for you. We are one-stop solutions for heavy hauling
and have the right equipment to load and offload your cargo.

Our inventory for heavy hauling is meticulously selected to handle
cargo of all weight and sizes. We have a wide range of heavy hauling
movers, including:


  • Self-Propelled Trailers
  • Beam Trailers
  • Dual Lane Hydraulic Platform Trailers
  • Towed Trailers


We make sure that you are connected with the right trailer and
operators that are trained to handle heavy hauling equipment and cargo – with efficiency and ease.

Why Choose Us

  • We have 70+ years of experience in crane rental. We understand the requirements of different loads and cargo and help you make the right choice.
  • Our operators are trained in lifting and operating various cranes and managing crane setups to provide an uninterrupted experience with Hook 4 Hire.
  • Our packages are customized according to your requirements. Our experts will guide you on the right crane for your transportation and customize the packages accordingly.