Rigging Equipment

We provide top-class rigging equipment on rent to help you complete your construction project. We are not just a simple rigging rental company but an end-to-end service provider for project planning, contract rigging, and more. We specialize in a number of rigging equipment and services, including installation, erection, modification, relocation, dismantling, and manufacturing of machinery. Our goal is to reduce operational costs and improve the efficiency of your projects.

Our rigging equipment covers a range of equipment including:

  • Machinery Skates
  • Rigging Gear
  • Gantry Systems
  • Jack & Slide Systems

Why Choose Us

  • We have 70+ years of experience in crane rental. We understand the requirements of different loads and cargo and help you make the right choice.
  • Our operators are trained in lifting and operating various cranes and managing crane setups to provide an uninterrupted experience with Hook 4 Hire.
  • Our packages are customized according to your requirements. Our experts will guide you on the right crane for your transportation and customize the packages accordingly.