Mobile crane services represent building construction because of their essential role in moving materials and components vertically and horizontally. Cranes have been used since antiquity, and their history is interrelated with the development of power sources that replaced man and mule. First, steam engines were used to power cranes, replaced by internal combustion engines, diesel engines, and electric engines. 

Today, more giant and more advanced cranes use electrical systems and internal combustion engines to lift heavy loads. Cranes come in different types and sizes — depending on their intended uses — and are not only used in the construction industry. They are also used in marine, mining, and civil aviation! 

Despite its many uses, cranes are vital tools used on just about every construction job site in the country. Along with other types of heavy machinery, crane services make it possible for a relatively small number of workers to work faster, more efficiently, and more safely than they would manually. Despite that, workers on a construction site are likely to see several types of cranes.

Aerial-Type Cranes

Aerial crane services are long helicopters cut out in the middle with a rectangular hole. These crane services fly over areas where all-terrain and rough terrain cranes can’t fit. They are used in construction, demolition, and rescue jobs as they can carry a surprisingly large amount of cargo.

Crawler-Type Cranes

If you ever glanced upon a smaller version of a crane that moves slowly on tracks, you are looking at a crawler crane service. The tracks are instrumental when cranes need to move on marshy ground because they distribute weight evenly over a wider surface, which helps to ensure that the crane is stable.

All-Terrain-Type Cranes

A crawler crane service with its tracks cannot drive over all types of terrain, so construction companies call in the all-terrain crane when necessary. The truck on this crane has multiple wheels and breaks up into segments to make it easier to drive on any terrain, at least according to the website. In fact, when running on paved roads, this crane service can reach traffic speeds with no problem.

Rough-Terrain-Type Cranes

Rough terrain crane services are secured to a smaller vehicle with four large wheels. The crane has two long arms that extend out from the car and are used to lift large loads. While these cranes are not as multi-purpose as their all-terrain cousins, they are instrumental in areas where other equipment cannot be used.

Telescopic-Type Cranes

If you have ever seen a cleaning device that has a handle made up of tubes inside of tubes, then you know how a telescopic crane works. A telescopic arm has a telescoping section on the top and is operated using strong hydraulics. These crane services are generally mounted on the back of trucks that can be stabilized using legs that swing out from the bottom. These cranes are convenient because they can work in various situations that many other cranes cannot.

Tower-Type Cranes

If you see a crane so tall that you have to look up to see its top, that’s what builders call a tower crane. These crane services usually operate at heights ranging from 230 to 265 feet, and the more giant tower cranes can lift as much as 20 tons. The towers are bolted into concrete foundations specially built just for them.

Hire Crane Services in Kentucky

There are various crane types contractors, and construction companies can use for a particular job. They need to take their pick from the above list and get to work instantly. Remember that there are different kinds for different situations, so be sure to talk to mechanical experts to hire the right one for your site.

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