While it’s true that cranes are mostly used in construction, they are also valuable in many other industries. In fact, some industries use cranes in their daily operations, just as they are being used in construction. So, what exactly are these other industries that require a crane in their daily operations?

Steel Manufacturing

Creating steel involves having to move buckets of molten steel from one point to the other. While this can be done by humans, not only is it more efficient if a crane is being used, but it is also safer. Without a crane, there is a risk of contact with the molten steel, which could harm one person potentially.

Nuclear Power

Just as with steel, the crane is being used in nuclear power industries for people to avoid having contact with highly radioactive substances. Not only is it safer for cranes to be used, but it is also more efficient for people to get their operations moving fast.


At dockyards, shipments of products are being received. Imagine boxes and boxes of stuff just being moved by people—this is just not possible or will at least take hours or even days to finish. Instead, with the use of cranes, these boxes are being moved faster and in more quantities. This makes the entire unloading process faster and more convenient, which means a faster and smoother workflow for them, too.


There are a few ways that cranes are being used in the railway industry. Each of these ways are equally important and plays a big role in the railway industry, and that without these cranes, the industry could be greatly impacted.

First, these cranes are used to carry out old carriages. In scrap yards, it is often found that bus and carriages have been left behind. With a crane, the industry lifts up these old carriages and delivers them to wherever they are needed.

Secondly, the laying down of railroad tracks is also made easier and more convenient by using cranes. Sure, it can be done manually, but that would take a longer time and it is a tedious process. Instead of wasting money and resources on manual labor, invest in a crane to make the whole thing faster.

Lastly, these cranes are being used to move any cars or vehicles that break down on the railway or within the vicinity, and they disrupt the movement of the train. While this is not a common occurrence, it ensures safety and protection, especially of the people involved in the operations of the train.

Local Authorities

Local authorities also use cranes in emergency situations. They are often used in cases wherein a tree has fallen in the middle of the road or helping a large truck stand upright. In these cases, they make their job—getting everyone safe and preventing traffic from building up on a highway—more convenient with the use of a crane.  


We do not realize how important cranes are until we really think about it. They are not only present in construction, but in a lot of industries that impact our daily lives. The next time you think of a crane, you can picture it in other scenarios aside from construction.

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