Cranes are necessary for the building process. There is a crane to meet your demands, whether you’re constructing a skyscraper or a two-story dwelling. In this post, learn the different construction crane types to see which tools would be most helpful for your project. You can also know where to hire a reputable crane company at the end of this blog! 

Crane Tower

Tower cranes help create towering structures, as its name implies. These cranes can lift to 20 tons and effectively at heights between 230 and 265 feet. During the building phase, large bolts secure them to the ground; once finished, they may be readily removed. Operators of tower cranes often communicate by radio and hand signals.

Railroad Crane

As you may have imagined, railroad cranes are employed only for building and repairing railroads. These cranes can readily operate over railroad rails because of their flanged wheels.

Aerial Cranes

Aerial cranes, often called sky cranes, are used to transport heavy objects and look like helicopters. Aerial cranes are often used to move things to and from difficult-to-reach locations, such as the tops of tall buildings. They are also used in disaster relief efforts.

Mobile Cranes

The most common form of crane utilized nowadays is a mobile crane. These cranes are very dependable regarding mobility and footprint or where they are placed to lift materials at the right capacity. Materials may be handled within the parameters of mobile cranes.

Tilting Cranes

Rescue operations, boat removal from the sea, and signal tower construction all include the usage of telescopic cranes. A big boom with multiple tubes makes up this kind of crane. The tubes are extended or contracted by a hydraulic system to alter the length of the boom.

Harbor Cranes and Floating Cranes

For tasks requiring the building of bridges or ports, harbor cranes and floating cranes are effective options. They can help with both the loading and unloading of ship cargo. They are among the strongest material-handling cranes in the construction industry because of their enormous size. 

Although fixed in place, floating cranes have a loading capacity of around 9000 tons. Harbor cranes, in contrast, are more compact and adaptable.

What Advantages Do Crane Rental Services Offer?

Offering Greater Adaptability

The freedom and convenience of renting cranes make it one of the greatest options available. You don’t even have to maintain them. You may easily hire a new piece of equipment if the crane doesn’t meet your demands after you give it a try. 

If a job requires a certain kind of crane, rental services make it straightforward to get one.

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology

When you buy equipment, there’s a chance that it might depreciate since modern technology develops continuously. However, if you decide to use a rental service, you will have access to many potent tools that unquestionably increase productivity. When your equipment depreciates, selling it won’t be a concern for you.

Keeping Expenses Low

Each crane you purchase costs several thousand dollars, not to mention the expenses your business will incur for storage, maintenance, fuel, and inspections. However, you won’t need to care for or store a crane if you hire one. Furthermore, renting cranes won’t need your business to modify its insurance. Instead, what you’ll need is to get insurance tailored to your project.

Putting Safety First

Every business values its employees’ safety. Because of this, most companies specializing in crane rental ensure that their qualified personnel operate the equipment you hire. Your staff won’t have to put themselves at risk in this manner, particularly if they weren’t properly trained to use the equipment.


Over-purchasing and renting a mobile crane have several benefits. Trust our knowledgeable staff from a reputable crane company for assistance if you need a mobile crane service in Kentucky for your next project. 

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