You probably have used skids for moving large machinery about your shop floor. If you were to search for equipment to move heavy loads, you would probably see dollies, skids, and other types of wheels. 

When transferring large loads, it’s important to utilize the proper kind of skates for the job, and this depends on the type of cargo and the destination.

What to Consider When Choosing Skates and Dollies for Load Moving

If you are considering buying your own equipment, then you may want to consider expanding the equipment you already own. You could use lifts to move materials and goods around your warehouse. 

By using lifts, you can move bigger items without having to pay for additional equipment. You can buy the parts and arrange them to fit the items you need to be moved.

Superior bearings and rollers are essential to a machine’s performance. Rolls-Royce claims nylon rollers outperform polyurethane ones in terms of reducing rolling resistance and increasing load capacity.

Your load skates’ rollers are an important part of minimizing floor damage. If you know you’ll be transporting a big load often, steel wheels are your best choice. 

However, they may be too heavy and damaging to use on flooring. Polyurethane rollers provide better static support, whereas nylon rollers have better wear resistance.

As long as you don’t exceed 35 tons, you may utilize snow load skates. In order for each axle to bear more than one tonne of weight, the total weight of the front and rear skates must be divided evenly.

Skates designed to carry large weights are called load-moving skates. As the name suggests, they feature a three-point configuration, with a swiveling front skate and an adjustable rear skate. 

The bar may also be utilized to alter the skate’s size to fit those with a wide range of foot sizes.

While a load’s wheels must be able to turn, the load must also have a tight grip on its axles. A metal pin will maintain the skates under your control even if they are not able to perform axial rotations, which is important in certain places.

To get the weight from one place to another, you may utilize towable handles and manually controlled T-bars. You should always utilize a tow truck if you have more than 10 tons of stuff to transfer.

Different Kinds of Load-Moving Skates

If you’ve decided to purchase load-moving skates, you need to know the difference between its different types.

1. Steerable Front Skates

In order to create a three-point system, front-loading skates are often combined with rear-loading skates. Steerable front skates include integrated turntables that enable the weight to be directed in any direction. 

The mobility of low displacement force and low rolling resistance is a benefit.

2. Load Skates Sets

Additionally, if you need to transport different-sized weights or if the weight isn’t uniformly distributed, additional modules and accessories may be acquired.

3. Dual Trailing Rear Skates

To link two skates, a connecting bar is often utilized. These skates can’t be maneuvered like the ones in front, so they trail behind. As with the wheels, the weight capacity and materials of the front steerable skates are often the same.

4. Chain Roller Loaded Skates

Chain rollers are heavy-duty systems with a roller skid or chain roller. This technology’s benefits include high capacity, low cost, and a small footprint. 

They can be supplied with swivel turntables and load-leveling plates that can be attached to round corners.

5. Rotational Skates

Some of this product’s advantages include good floor protection, high mobility, and low rolling resistance. The 3, 7, and 9-ton models come equipped with nylon wheels. It is usual practice to buy handles and connecting bars individually. 

Remember, there is a tendency for load skates to be lower in capacity than other load skates.


When you’re in the market for skids or dollies, think about the weight you need to move around the shop. Load skids are ideal for moving a lot of weight around a warehouse, factory, or other industrial settings.

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