If you’re planning a job that involves lifting small to medium loads, a crane truck might be a useful asset for your crew. A crane truck is essentially a large truck equipped with a working crane. This gives you the ability to move the crane to any location where you need it and gives you much more flexibility than hiring a traditional crane.

When you work with a crane truck rental, safety is always paramount, so make sure to follow all safety rules. One mistake can cost valuable lives when operating heavy machinery, especially when lifting heavy loads. 

1. Know the Requirements of the Job Site

For example, if your job is on a hillside or a steep incline, you will need a crane that has good suspension and brakes to keep it from rolling out of control on those slopes. In addition to knowing what type of terrain the job requires, you need to know about its weight limits. You’ll need a good braking system if you’re hauling heavy loads at high speeds. The type of work you’re doing will also help you determine what type of load the crane can handle.

2. Take Note of the Weather

Using a crane in bad weather is a risky proposition that should be avoided whenever possible. It is advisable to plan around bad weather and not to use the crane if it’s raining or snowing. If you can’t avoid a job with bad weather, wear a rain sleeve and appropriate clothing, including waterproof gloves and eye protection. The truck should also be covered if possible. A mist shield will protect the crane operator from being wet. The crane operator should also have a rain suit and a hard hat.

3. Implement Daily Safety Briefings

Never lift a load without planning where you’re going to put it down first. Plan it out in advance, and prepare an accident safety briefing for everyone working on the job to follow. The briefing should include how the job should proceed, what kinds of supplies will be needed for hazards on the job site, and how to properly exit the site if there is an emergency.

The briefing should also include what kinds of things could cause injuries in their current environment, such as the location of nearby tools or other items that can cause harm. They should know what to do if these dangers arise when they are planning the work.

4. Hire Experienced and Licensed Operators

When you are renting a crane from an agency, you may have an option to have licensed professionals accompany the truck. However, if you plan to provide your own labor force, make sure they have experience operating the crane and all the necessary licenses, permits, and insurance.

Moreover, be certain that the load you are riding is evenly distributed. If you are lifting a large load or one with uneven weight distribution, a loaded crane is only as safe as the load it’s carrying.


Overall, when you work with a crane truck rental, safety is always paramount, so make sure to follow all safety rules. One mistake can lead to disaster when operating heavy machinery without utmost care. Make sure to follow precautions about the weather and to take extra care when loading a crane truck to ensure that it doesn’t tip over or lose control.

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