Renting rigging equipment is often the best option for companies who don’t want to spend the money to buy it outright. Rigging equipment is expensive, and even buying used equipment can be costly. Renting allows companies to use the equipment for a specific project and then return it when they’re done without having to worry about storage or maintenance.

Renting rigging equipment is a great way to get the gear you need without spending much money. The crane rentals market was worth $44.64 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to $67.03 billion by 2030. As such, it only makes sense to pay attention to renting rather than purchasing. Read on and discover the other benefits of renting rigging equipment below.

Money Saving

There are many reasons why it makes more financial sense to rent rigging equipment rather than buy it outright. For one, buying lifting and rigging equipment is a major capital expense that most companies can’t afford. In addition, you have to think about the yearly depreciation that comes with owning the equipment. Renting equipment is a more flexible and affordable option for many businesses.

Renting rigging equipment is a more cost-effective option than buying it, and you don’t have to worry about depreciation. Many rigging rental companies also have flexible payment plans, which can help you control the project cost more accurately.

Additionally, an advantage to rigging rentals is that someone else is responsible for the upkeep of the equipment. This can be beneficial financially and provide peace of mind in knowing that repairs will be taken care of in a timely manner. Another advantage is that often, equipment rentals include repair and maintenance in the contract, so there are no unexpected costs. Finally, if you need equipment quickly, rentals are a great option as you don’t have to wait for repairs to be completed.


Renting equipment is an excellent option for those who occasionally need lifting and rigging equipment. You can rent the equipment you need for a day or two and then return it when you’re done. 

When you need rigging hardware but don’t want to buy it, renting is the way to go. This is especially true if you don’t need the equipment often. Renting is almost always cheaper than buying, so it makes sense to only get the gear you need when you need it.

Space Maximization

When you purchase lifting and rigging equipment, it is crucial to store it in a safe location. This may include a well-ventilated and dry area, or a shed, to keep the equipment away from dust, brine, water, and steam.

Renting specialty equipment is a great way to save money, time, and storage space. You don’t have to worry about keeping the equipment clean and functional; you can just return it to the rental company when you’re done.

Accessible Upgrades

Organizations usually have to compromise by either using older models or opting for rentals. But there’s a third option that’s becoming increasingly popular–leasing. Renting lifting and rigging equipment is a great way to always have the latest and greatest models. Most rental companies keep their inventory up to date with the latest models, so you can trade in your old equipment for an upgrade if needed.


Renting lifting and rigging equipment is a great way to complete your projects without buying the equipment. This is especially helpful if you are unsure of what you need. What are you waiting for?

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