When it comes to accomplishing tasks that involve lifting heavy loads, cranes are indispensable. They provide both the convenience and power required to handle such demanding jobs. However, owning a crane can be costly and impractical, especially for temporary projects. This is where crane rental comes to the rescue. In this article, we will explore the average rental rates for different types of cranes and the factors that influence these costs. By understanding the options and key considerations, you can make an informed decision that suits your specific needs.

Average Crane Rental Rates for Different Types of Cranes

1. Mobile Crane: Versatility in Various Terrains

Mobile cranes offer a simpler setup and assembly process and can be used in diverse terrains. They excel in construction sites with confined passageways or limited spaces. Compared to larger cranes, mobile cranes do not require vast areas to function effectively. The hourly rental price for a mobile crane is $120, including the operator’s cost. However, the rental rate for high-capacity mobile cranes can reach up to $600 per hour.

2. Crawler Crane: Heavy Lifting Powerhouse

Crawler cranes can lift loads ranging from 80 to 1,000 tons, making them ideal for heavy lifting tasks. They are frequently used in the construction industry and for tasks like tank assembly. Renting a crawler crane with a 120-ton capacity typically costs around $17,000 monthly.

3. Mobile Tower Crane: Constructing High-Rise Buildings

Mobile tower cranes are common on construction sites, especially for high-rise buildings. They are essential for lifting heavy building equipment and construction supplies that ordinary lifting equipment cannot handle. A mobile tower crane’s average monthly rental cost is around $14,000. Additional attachments, such as climbing frames or extra mast sections, may incur extra charges.

4. Boom Truck: Tower and Antenna Construction

Boom trucks find primary applications in tower and antenna construction. The rental cost for a boom truck with a 23-ton capacity, 92-inch boom, and 44-inch jib is approximately $600 per day, $2,500 per week, and $6,000 per month. Prices may vary based on the work’s capacity and the difficulty level involved.

5. Mini Crane: Compact Solution for Restricted Spaces

In areas with restricted space, a standard large crane may be impractical. That’s where mini-cranes prove their worth. They are commonly used for stone monument installations, tunnel operations, rooftop work, plant maintenance, and glass structure installations. The leasing fee for a mini crane is approximately $120 per hour.

Factors Affecting Crane Rental Rates

1. Rental Duration

The duration of the rental period impacts the total cost. Typically, longer rental periods result in higher costs. However, some rental companies offer price reductions for monthly or weekly rentals.

2. Current Demand for Rental Cranes

During periods of high construction activity, rental crane prices tend to increase due to higher demand and limited supply.

3. Location of Use

Rental costs can vary widely across different counties and states. The location of the project site influences the overall rental rates.

4. Type of Crane

Different crane models come with varying rental fees. Larger cranes operated by professionals have significantly higher costs, while mini cranes are relatively more affordable.


Crane rental provides a cost-effective solution for accessing the power and convenience of cranes without the burden of ownership. Understanding the average rental rates for different types of cranes and the factors that influence costs is crucial in making an informed decision. By choosing the right crane for your project, you can efficiently complete tasks that require heavy lifting with ease and cost-effectiveness.

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